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An ‘Old Lady’ and the Internet

I Love a WeddingSometimes you just can’t fight the tide.  My grandson Connor surprised me with this website and it is with his expertise that I’m able to join the 21st Century.  With him typing I think I’ll sound a little more ‘hip’ than I really am. Thank you Connor.

I think it’s a fabulous idea.  Over the summer, our family, had 4 different weddings.  Yes, I said that right. And each one had it’s own flavor and style.



A Wedding Planner named ‘Grandma’

I love each and every one of my children and grandchildren dearly and over the years I have had the privilege of having very good relations with all of them.  There has been many a scraped knee, broken-heart, and grandchild to baby site as the years have gone by.  But one thing that seemed to happen over time was that I was involved with each and every wedding to some degree.  I’ve loved every moment of it.   With the high percentage of non-traditional (and I’m a big fan!) now a days there seems to be so many more options than when I was young.




It’s Still All About The Shoes And Dress

Annies Sparkly Wedding Shoes
Annies Wedding Shoes in the 21st Century

According to a poll of brides on Facebook over 59% of brides use Pinterest to find some inspiration for their wedding dresses. And to think just a few years ago you had to go to Davids Bridal if you wanted to get an idea of what you wanted. A 2012 American Wedding Study stated that 18% of brides buy their dresses online and it’s only going up.

I would think it would be a bit challenging to actually get the ‘perfect’ dress online.  There is always a lot of adjustment and changes that have to be made. Some more than once.

As I’m looking at this study I also see that 31% of brides say their biggest splurges, other than the dress are the shoes.  It always struck me as a bit waste of money to get shoes you will only wear once and then put away, hoping in the future that maybe your daughter will wear them. Or even have the feet to fit.

My niece Annie, who got married over the summer, isn’t the ‘traditional’ girl and to give an example take a peek at the shoes in the picture.  That’s what she wore! She continues to wear them today! How awesome is that?  They’re called All Star Converses, the grand-kids called them Chucks (thanks Connor).

She got them at this online store that does custom designing for weddings.  They have these crystals, which I am familiar with, called Swarovskis all over the toes and heels.  They were the second biggest hit at her wedding other than the wedding itself.  Like I said that girl is smart she still wears them everyday.


More To Come

So this is going to get easier as time goes by and I’ll have more things to share. What a fantastic time to be alive!




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