About Me


Grandma PearlI’m Louise and this is my first foray onto the internet.

And for anyone wondering NOOO that isn’t me!

It is a deliciously funny picture of a relative on my deceased husbands side.  My grandson Connor who is helping me with this website tries to convince me I’m too old to do this.  So I show him that picture and say “That’s Old!” not me.

Needless to say I’m not too savvy with the internet but it is the perfect place to talk about my passions.  I used to work in hospital for animals and I love them as well as weddings. With our huge family there is always one (usually 2) in the process of happening and over the years I’ve become the de-facto family wedding planner.

I love it!

So here is a place for me to put down the things I share with them as well as share thoughts, feelings and experiences that happen to me in every day life.


Louise (and Connor)